Dear Blogger.com

I love "labels" for blogs. I love that they bring in new readers. It's great that assigning labels is helping me understand the nature of my pontifications. My dad refers to my posts as "pontifications". I prefer to give them a rose-colored title of "ponderings". Thanks to my brother, I've been terrified of ending a sentence with a prepostition for, oh, so many years. "Helping me understand the nature of my pontifications," is just a way of writing, "figuring out what I blog about." Is there such a thing as prepositiphobia?

But really, dear Blogger.com, couldn't you create an easier way for folks with hefty blogs to edit past posts and add labels? I'm working on over one thousand posts. It takes way too long to navigate through my pontifications using <<Newest < Newer 101-150 of 1026 Older > Oldest>>

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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Genevieve said...

I loaded a month at a time from the archives. Then I started at the bottom of the page and clicked "Open in a new tab" (or window) on the little post-edit tool for about ten posts at a time.

It did take a long time, and I noticed recently that part of February, 2006, is unlabeled.

I suspect Blogger of somehow unlabeling them because I also recently found out on Google's webmaster tools that Google search engines can't see part of February, 2006. That would also be a Blogger problem.

More than you really wanted to know, I'm sure. Sorry. :)


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