Container Trials

This is only a trial. Had it been an actual container emergency, you would have been instructed to move to your patio. The current color code level is fuchsia.
Actually, the Dallas Arboretum is testing various plants for use in small patio and balcony gardens "due to the rise of urban living". You can see the spring results during Dallas Blooms.
I'm sure you are wondering about fuchsia, as it is a word that will never, ever look like it's spelled correctly. It's a good plant for attracting hummingbirds to your small condo patio or urban living balcony, though.
"red color," 1923, from the plant, which was named 1753 from the Latinized name of Ger. botanist Leonhard Fuchs (1501-66). Not related to L. fucus "seaweed, sea wrack, tangle," also the name of a red color prepared from it.
Haven't you sometimes wanted to make notations on your family tree that you were not really related to that Latinizia Fucus Wrack, and, by the way, that funny red wasn't her natural hair color? If she had just married Leonhard when he asked her, settled down on the container farm, and raised a couple kids, she wouldn't have gotten into that whole sordid seaweed tangle. Fucus was her mother Lucretia's maiden name. Lucretia's family didn't have a container to piss in, but all the Fucus kids got an eighth-grade education. Latinizia's father, George Noble Wrack, was the youngest son of German immigrants, and was kin to the Republican County Wracks who later had the Ford dealership. It was only a rumor about the seven toes on the left foot.

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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