Texas Railroad Commission

Tx.rr.com is the email address for users of Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner system in North Texas. Last summer Time Warner took over all the Comcast internet service systems around North Texas. Time Warner promised to make the changeover pleasant and user-friendly. Right.

Time Warner hopes to ease pain of shift
Comcast e-mail clients will feel the transition most of all, exec says

08:09 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 Dallas Morning News

Comcast had a very usable email format. Time Warner's is primitive by comparison, and trying to use rich text instead of plain text is SOOOOOO SLOW. The changeover has me feeling like Snidely Whiplash tied me to the railroad tracks.

As my email correspondents have been booted over to Roadrunner, I keep staring at their email addresses and wondering when they went to work for the Railroad Commission. We are all looking at other options for internet and email. None of us are pleased about being tied to Time Warner.

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