What I know about the long conflict in the Sudan would fit on a grain of rice. Had not a clue that the country has been destroying itself the entire time I've been a parent. So much for the image of myself as an informed citizen of the world!

Sudan meant nothing more to me than some vague Egyptology concepts of Nubia, Meroe, Khartoum, Coptic Christians, the kingdom of Kush, and the 19th century search for the source of the Nile. Reading many Amanda Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters didn't seem to help.

Sad to say, I'm more comfortable with cosy mysteries and ancient cultures buried under the sand than learning about modern genocide. Two things are pushing me to be more informed. First, I'm reading Prairie Bluestem's blog about her nephew volunteering in the Sudan. Second, I saw a wonderful, uplifting movie about three Lost Boys adjusting to life in the United States. It's called, God Grew Tired of Us.

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