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Jacquielynn Floyd's column in today's Dallas Morning News is about Mark Rice, and how he came to write a new book about the history of downtown Dallas. The book isn't available yet, but I look forward to reading a copy. It certainly sounds like Rice has done a great deal of research for the book, to be self-published by Brown Books.

Floyd says, "the newly published Downtown Dallas: Romantic Past, Modern Renaissance, is a beautiful jewel of a book. More than a handsome coffee-table volume for history buffs (which it is), it's also a memorial to the downtown Dallas that's irrevocably lost and a bricks-and-mortar guide to the history that's still standing, for those who care enough to look for it ... the book is a fascinating read, deftly interweaving buildings, history and personalities." I hope it has maps, and as much history as reminiscences.

I've recently enjoyed paging through a book about the downtown and main street of Lincoln, Nebraska. A Street Named "O", edited by Mary Jane Nielsen is a paperback with many photos, overlapping contributed reminiscences, a few recipes, and some newspaper reprints. Published in December, 2006, by The Lincoln Women's Club, the book is available at Lee Booksellers. It's fun nostalgia for Lincolnites and Nebraskans, but suffers from repetitiveness, a shortage of historical information, and a lack of maps.

Strolling down your memory main street is a good mental challenge. My Dad and I have shared some fun trying to remember, map, and blog about Pierce, Nebraska's main street and downtown. We're not ready to write a coffee table book yet, though!

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Genevieve said...

You're right about it being a memory exercise. I came across a photo postcard of Bassett, NE, my hometown, from perhaps the late 50's or early 60's, and I had completely forgotten about some of those stores.


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