Labels & LePage's

What a LaBrea of melted caramel are these blog labels to the library junkie?! I'm sucked into the warm, soft, stickiness of sorting a thousand plus blog posts by subject. What could a cataloger like more than a hot caramel sundae with heaping considerations of generality, specificity, nuts and whipped cream ? I'm slowly seeing that this blog is a strange collage of loosely glued connections.

My early school years were not just spent taste-testing white paste. We also used brown LePage's mucilage glue in the curvy bottle with the pink rubber dispenser cap. My mom used fragrant rubber cement to make my baby scrapbook. Elmer's didn't appear in my world until the mid-Sixties.

Mucilage is not to be confused with the obnoxious, fat, and green ad campaign character for Mucinex.
c.1400, "viscous substance from vegetable material soaked in water," from O.Fr. mucilage (14c.), from L.L. mucilago "musty or moldy juice" (4c.), from L. mucere "be musty or moldy," from mucus "mucus." Meaning "adhesive" is first attested 1859.

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Genevieve said...

As I recall, that white paste had a nice spicy flavor when fresh, even if it was made of horse hooves (hoofs?)


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