With matching crockpot and shag carpet?

"Your earrings match my dad's car," the preschooler told me. Good thing I coordinated my attire! I love her innocent outlook on a life where the whole world strives to fit in with herself and her family.

I'm still musing about matching when I wander through the gray drizzle into Albertsons to buy a few groceries and some hearing aid batteries. No, they're not for me! They are for my keychain Buick unlocking clicker gizmo. I need two CR2016 3-volt batteries. I like the shazam power of popping the car trunk open before I actually crash into it with the grocery cart. My power hasn't been magical of late. I've had to stand almost touching the car to do my clicker unlocking.

Between the battery counter and the health and beauty aisle, I am slammed back to the Seventies. Featured on the endcap is a big display of Corelle Hearthstone tableware in the those colors we thought were gone forever--Harvest Gold, Avocado, and Burnt Orange! Yes, the Rival slow-cooker decor of yore returns, and it's just as Ford Administration as before. True, Corelle updated the names for its Spice Alley colors to Tumeric, Bay Leaf, and Chili Red. Heaven preserve us from hanging macrame plant holders and waterbeds! My gosh, these square plates match my parents' washing machine. I wonder where I can find matching earrings.

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Genevieve said...

I really hope that set of colors doesn't make a big comeback.

Your post reminded me of the red-orange shag rug in the dorm I lived in while a second-semester freshman in college -- spring of 1970. They used a little rake to groom it after vacuuming.


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