Technology training with Elroy

My computer is at the vet's. It's power supply has gone crackerdog and flop bot like Mrs. Pumphrey's dog, Tricky Woo, in James Herriot's stories. My sons have let me check my email a couple times on their laptop computers. I can't seem to get my arm length to the teeny-tiny keyboard to cooperate with my bifocals for a view of the itty-bitty screen. I was glad when I learned how to attach a mouse to the laptop. It beats all that thumbing around.

Job applications keep asking me to list the technology training I've had recently. I've had on-the-job training crawling under the computer desk to untangle and disconnect computer cords. I recommend wearing a hardhat for the inevitable head bumps.

More importantly, I've received iPod training from a nineteen year-old. I let him drive if and only if I could select the music on our long car trip this week. He and his brother vetoed listening to my cd collection or NPR. Instead, I received intense training in creating a playlist on his iPod. I got the hang of the menus within menus to stack up songs like old 45s on a jukebox spindle. What throws me is the thumb rotations needed to scroll through the menus. If I were you, and had disposable income to invest in new products, I'd go with the Baby Boomer Ben Gay specially formulated for minor arthritis pain and aches associated with iPod thumb joint exertions. I'm thinking Elroy Jetson would be an effective celebrity spokesperson for BB Ben Gay.

I wonder what happened to Elroy and Judy Jetson when they grew up. Thanks, Joe Barbera, for Spacely Sprockets and Quick Draw McGraw.

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