Superman's Supper

Sunshine, finally! Kids running, running on the playground, after a week of rain. Coats flapping behind them in the crisp wind, they chase each other with glee. They are Superman, they say. Out of the dull suit, hat, and specs. Out of the confining telephone booth. Blasting out to save the day.

Panting, they stop to gather playground pebbles, and carry them up to the play fort. They make little circle piles of pebbles.

"Is that kryptonite?," asks the bundled, shivering playground lady.

"No! It's pizza tonight."

Pizzatonite! Get me some of that fictional element. Kryptonite may be Superman's Achilles heel, but Pizzatonite is far more powerful to earthlings.

Mark Alfred explains:

As Superman tells us in 1959's "The Curse of Kryptonite" (Superman #130), "Kryptonite is my Achilles Heel -- the only substance in the universe that can harm me! It was originally formed years ago when the planet Krypton, the world on which I was born, blew up! A nuclear chain reaction converted every chunk of the exploding world into Green Kryptonite!"

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