Do your John Houseman imitation

We sort blogs the old fashioned way, WITTTH PAPER. I'm chasing paper, and trying to find the reason I've been writing this blog for three and a half years. It's been an extremely satisfying outlet, but now what? What would I have if I sorted out the 999 posts by subject?

And so I sort between more pressing efforts. It's a low-tech project involving print-outs, scissors, highlighter, and stapler. Professor Kingsfield is peering down his nose at my mere mortal approach. Playing the mental roles of God, father, professor, judge, critic, mentor, junior high principal, or conscience, John Houseman voices imperious internal expectations and evaluations.

The Paper Chase was a novel, then a movie and a t.v. series, about an Ivy League law school and Professor Kingsfield in the Seventies. Houseman was a contemporary of Orson Welles, but he may be best remembered for the Smith Barney ad campaign of 1979-1986, with the line, "We make money the old-fashioned way, we eaaarrrn it!”

One son really does not like the NPR voice of authority, Carl Kasell. You may have other suggestions for The Voice of Authority. Besides Houseman and Kasell, I vote for Walter Cronkite and James Earl Jones.

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