White Christmas in Plano

Just a dusting of white this Christmas Day, and only inside. I've dropped the flour cannister again! Slipping and sliding through the mess on the kitchen floor is enough winter sports for me. Not a major kitchen disaster as mine go, but when I went to answer the phone I tracked white footprints through the house. I finished vacuuming just as the runzas came out of the oven.

A German mother did a presentation for my little students about German holiday traditions, and I've been hungry for runzas ever since. German-Russian and Bohemian immigrants to Nebraska brought many of the traditions and tastes I associate with Christmas.

The most difficult part of making runzas is getting them spicy enough. The meat filling inside the bread dough pocket is usually just ground beef, chopped onions, chopped cabbage, salt and pepper. I don't eat onions, so I chop up lots of celery, garlic, and green pepper, and add ground mustard, parsley, and lots of paprika. They tasted pretty good, but would have been better if preceded by a real walk in outdoor snow!

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Anonymous said...

My aunt used to make runzas for Christmas. I think the last time I had the privilege of eating her runzas was a couple decades ago at the wedding of her daughter (my cousin.) None of us live in Nebraska anymore so we don't spend holidays together anymore. I should ask her for her recipe.


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