Recurring Nightmare Variation Survey

Viking Navigation. Mr. Sanders. Room 348.

That was the class I forgot to attend until the big research paper was due. I had attended it a few times last semester, but I got confused and started attending a math class in a parallel hallway instead. You know how if goes. Neither room was anywhere near the salmon pink dream locker with the impossible combination. Upstairs. Downstairs. Down one-way halls. So naturally, I failed the final and had to take the class again.

This semester I could barely lift the textbook for remedial Viking Navigation. I didn't attend class, although I had my schedule written in pencil on a tiny scrap of a crumpled envelope. The period was always over before I could get the paper flattened out to see where I was supposed to be. Kind of like my life right now. Worse, I forgot to go to the counselor until I could no longer withdraw passing. I had to withdraw failing she said, right after she announced to the world that "another one's run afoul of Mr. Sanders." Maybe that's a fowl, since this is Thanksgiving Day. After much consultation, the counselor assigned me eight days of community service, and switched me to Mrs. Barry's English class. Mrs. Barry was much fatter than she was in 1973, and had dyed what was left of her hair a melon orange color. The class was studying underwriting of poetry in an ancient steam-heated lecture auditorium with wooden folding chairs.

I'm just thankful for waking up from that mess! All in all, it wasn't as bad as when I dreamt I forgot to go to third year German and lost my car keys, or those dreams when my fingers are too fat to "dial" my cell phone.

Just as a survey question, please add a comment about which particular class you forgot to attend until the final exam! And yes, Millard Lefler Junior High did have a one-way hall and salmon pink lockers.

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Genevieve said...

I have had this nightmare, and my daughter has also mentioned that she has had it.


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