A Man Around the House

Once in awhile I start thinking it sure would be nice to have a man around the house. It's not that I'm ever lonely or bored. What it boils down to is that lightbulbs burn out. Lightbulbs in the recessed fixtures at the highest point of the cathedral ceiling. It would be nice to have a man around to change the lightbulb. A man with a tall ladder.

Of course men with no lightbulbs to replace loll around on the couch watching the NBA or flicking the remote control ad nauseum. Maybe I just need a tall ladder.

Of course, this is a small condo (a small condo with ridiculously high ceilings). Where would I keep the tall ladder when I had no lightbulbs to replace? Behind the couch?? That would be attractive.

So, during daylight hours I read articles in the newspaper and magazines about how we are all so sleep-deprived. Not only sleep-deprived, but obese and at increased risk for several types of cancer.

Maybe the best approach would be to just get to sleep earlier because I can't turn on the burned-out lights! I'll have some sons home at Thanksgiving, and they can help with the lightbulbs. I could just hibernate until then! And think how skinny I'd be!

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