If you see a gray ribbon loop magnet on the bumper of some Buick you'll know it's commemorating National Delete-A-Thon Week. Gray being the color of both dust bunnies and the pulled-out hair of a tech service phone call, it seems appropriate to launch this first annual awareness campaign.

The Delete-A-Thon hasn't found the right celebrity spokesperson or perky animated mascot yet. Rather than sending each donor a pledge gift coffee mug, the Delete-A-Thon promises to smash an ugly mug for every fifty dollars pledged. For one hundred bucks I'll take a monogrammed totebag full of recyclables to the collection cart.

I'm cleaning out both cyber email folders and accumulated crap in the physical realm. It's slow going, and I could use your donation of aid, either monetary or emotional.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your effort. I should do the same.


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