Watch how you flick that wand

Wizard camp is in full gear. We were horsing around pretending to do trick shots with magic wands, shades of our Annie Oakley Wild West camp sneaking back in.

Don't try this at home! We were wand-zapping behind our backs. "You wouldn't want to accidently turn your mother into a frog," I said. A preschooler piped up, "Maybe you could turn her into a crab!"

Forget the magic wand! I'm sure every kid in this camp has the power to change Mom into a crab any day of the week.

Any afternoon we arrived home from Eastridge Elementary School and found my mother vacuuming or cleaning my brother's room, we knew she would have been magically turned into a crab. On such occasions, it is good to retreat into your wizard cave. Maybe practice those most excellent magic words--Please, Thank you, and I'm sorry!

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