UFC Eye-rolling

"I don't think any guy is worth having to watch pro wrestling on t.v.," I told my son's long-time friendgirl as they relaxed on my couch. I rolled my eyes toward the t.v. She rolled hers, too.

My son explained that it was not the Jesse Ventura/Hulk Hogan type of wrestling, but UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He seems to think UFC has actual female fans, and is a serious competition. I rolled my eyes some more.

"WHAT is ULTIMATE FIGHTING in the UFC? Ultimate Fighting is a proprietary term of the UFC. It is defined as mixed martial arts competition between high level professional fighters who utilize the disciplines of jiu-jitsu, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and other forms in UFC live events. UFC competitors or “Ultimate Fighters” are among the best-trained and conditioned athletes in the world. While this is a highly intense sport, fighter safety is of paramount concern to UFC ownership and management: it is noteworthy that no competitor has ever been seriously injured in a UFC event."

I bet some women viewers have been seriously injured making the universal hand signal for "gag me with a spoon". I'm just so embarrassed that a son of mine thinks it is appropriate to expect his special gal to sit idly next to him watching this stuff and making him feel like the pampered remote control sultan of cable t.v. I like it much better when they watch billiards or even the poker channel!

Of course these bells and buzzers in my head mean the topic has much more to do with me and my messed-up former marriage than about these two strong self-confident young equals. A decade ago my counselor told me that the girlfriends and wives of my sons would teach me lessons about myself that I needed to learn. Dagnabbit, Janie was right again! Seems like she told me my granddaughters would teach me, too. That will be an adventure! I hope it doesn't include Teletubbies.

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