A Midsummer Afternoon's Nap

Fell asleep on the sofa after a late lunch. A nap is such a treat, but I always wake up from one all discombobulated. I gradually realized that my memory was singing "Night and Day With Punctuation Marks," a song from an Allan Sherman LP I bought in about 1966. Some voice within me kept repeating you comma you comma you*. Actually, it wasn't a voice. It was more of a beat comma beat comma beat. Wait. I was getting clearer. It was a ham hyphen ham hyphen hammering. My new neighbor in the condo to the south was hanging pictures. I sat up slowly. My torment wasn't through. My other new neighbor in the condo to the north has a young relative here doing a little hammering comma too. I don't know about you comma you comma you but I'm glad they don't do this at night exclamation point.

*Like the beat comma beat comma beat of the tom hyphen tom,
When the jungle shadows fall.
Like the tick hyphen tick hyphen tock of the stately clock,
As it stands against the wall.
Like the drip comma drip comma drip of the raindrops,
When the summer shower is through.
Some voice within me keeps repeating
Colon, quotation mark.
You comma you comma you, exclamation point.
Close quotation, period, dash.

Night and day, comma.
You are the one, dash.
Only to you comma beneath the moon comma and under the sun.
Whether near to me or far, dot dot dot,
It's no matter comma darling comma where you are, dash.
I think of you, comma.
Night and day, period. New paragraph.
Night and day, exclamation point.
Under the height of me. Dash.
There's an oh such a hungry yearning comma
Burning parenthesis inside of me.
Closed parenthesis, period.
(Well, "inside of me" is a parenthetical phrase that describes where the yearning is burning.)
And torment won't be through
Until you let me spend my life making love to you. Asterisk!
('Cause there's a footnote at the bottom that tells who's making love to who.)
Spend my life making love to you.
Day and night?
Night and day, question mark.
Night and day.

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