Such a bargain, and the poem is free!

For less than the cost of a gallon of gas, I can take the train in the morning and work the crossword puzzle during the trip. This is so cool! [The bus and train are deliciously air conditioned for women of a certain age.] I get off the train and immediately board a bus for a ride nearly to my place of employment. The ride is so short there's barely time to read the "Poetry in Motion" poem posted on the bus. I walk from the bus stop around a lovely duck pond, and look at a heron and all the turtles. Life is good!

After work I stroll back to the bus stop, and sit on the bench for a few minutes. Three different bus routes cross this corner, maybe more. Any of them will take me back to the rail station. I like wondering who lives in the apartments across the street. I imagine characters based on the items on each unit's balcony. I'm decompressing.

My dad would call it "unlaxing". Dad was a long-time bus commuter. Waiting for the bus, and then riding the train, is a mental transfer point from doing to being. On the way home I realize I'm focused on my breathing, just the way my counselor used to recommend. This costs way less than therapy! I become aware of tension points in my body, and consciously relax each one in turn.

Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now,
(Come on baby, do the locomotion)
I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance now,
(Come on baby, do the locomotion)
My little baby sister can do it with ease,
It's easier than learning your A B Cs,
So come on, come on, do the locomotion with me.

Come on, come on, do the DART mass transit with me. $2.50 for the whole day, and the poem is free.

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