Maybe the final Weber weekend

Plano had the itty-bittiest spritz of rain today. It probably won't count as measurable precipitation, so that brings the string of days without to thirty-nine. The City's water use prohibitions go into effect Monday. Voluntary compliance with the restrictions was requested a month ago because water levels are so low at Lake Lavon and other sources for the North Texas Municipal Water District. Outdoor cooking bans are expected next.

On Wednesday our Collin County commissioners banned the discharge of all fireworks except for professional shows. Unfortunately, they didn't ban the sale of fireworks to law-ignoring nitwits. With conditions so dry, it only takes one or two yahoos to set the county on fire. The fireworks industry is threatening to sue the county, naturally, in this litigious, self-centered age.

"All we're trying to do, plain and simple, is prevent fires from breaking out," said Collin County Commissioner Jerry Hoagland. "What's going to happen? People are going to go ahead and buy them, and go ahead and fire them off, but if they get caught they can be fined."

I'm not litigious. Heck, I don't much like beans at all, and I really despise limas. What? Legumes? Oh. I thought those were the elected officials down in Austin trying to figure out the state school finances for Governor Goodhair. My mistake.

Yahoos? That's what you get when Chevy Tahoes and GMC Yukons have unprotected SUV encounters. Jonathan Swift will back me up on that. Webers are a far more civilized race, but I'm still keeping the lid on. I don't want to set the county on fire, but I do want to savor these marinaded chix boobs wrapped in bacon and fresh pineapple, plus the garlic asparagus!

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