Hot Carnauba! Ay Carumba!

One morning last week I awoke straight out of a vivid dream with the realization that a broken side mirror held onto the Buick with packing tape on a hundred+ degree day might have SCARY BAD CONSEQUENCES. What would happen if the tape melted and baked onto the finish of the poor little Skylark? Would it pull the paint right off the car when the tape was removed later? Remember that childhood fear of having a Band-aid removed, and how we gradually learned that one fast rip is better than tiny slow pulls? Admit it. You sometimes experience irrational adultfear of eyebrow waxing. Maybe your skin will rip right off your bones like a Spielberg special effect in an Indiana Jones movie? No wonder I was having crazy dreams!

Rushed the Buick to the dealership to have the side mirror repaired (Rat$! Had to be replaced!). I would have to get to work by DART-ing while the mirror work was done. This summer is the tenth anniversary of DART Light Rail in Dallas and surrounding suburbs. I'd ridden DART trains occasionally to attend Dallas Symphony concerts downtown, or movies at the Angelika Theatre at Mockingbird Station. Aside from that, I had ridden a DART bus to work one time, and my coworkers gasped. They insisted on driving me back to my Plano dealership. What would it be like to use DART to get to work?

Riding the train and transferring to a bus was surprisingly easy and convenient. Taking a bus back to the Buick dealership went smoothly. I was so relaxed that I didn't even fret about the cost of replacing the mirror. Could riding DART be good for my blood pressure?

To be continued...

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Genevieve said...

We relied entirely on public transport for 2 years in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and in Berlin, we used it to travel around the city even though we did have an old junker car for hauling large stuff.

In Santa Cruz, public transport was all buses. In Berlin it was a combination of U-Bahn (subway), S-bahn (above ground) and city buses. Even after several years of bus riding, I still enjoyed view from the upper level of the double deckers.

It is a nice feeling to step off the bus and just walk to where you are going without having to worry about driving and parking your car.


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