The Unbearable Lightness of Traveling

Heading to New Mexico soon. I'm all packed. Everything I need is in my favorite butterfly canvas bookbag and my purse*. Being able to travel light is such fun! I may be toting more wobbling arm flab than I used to, but I don't have to haul any of the following on a road trip:

1. Diaper bag with toys and blankies
2. Cheerios and Goldfish crackers
3. Dictionary
4. Vaccination records
5. Asthma inhalers
6. Raffi cassettes with a million songs about ducks
7. The travel tape from hell a.k.a. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
8. Barf bags
9. Tampax
10. Dramamine
11. My ex
12. Howard Stern
13. A heavy cloud of resentment about my ex exploding yet another six-pack of Diet Coke in the freezer before the trip.
14. A snow shovel
15. A duffel of anxieties too large to fit in the overhead storage compartment

One son went to Italy for nine months carrying everything he needed in a backpack and a duffel. When he returned and unzipped the duffel the contents instantly expanded to take up his room, his brother's room, and half the living room. It exploded more neatly than the Diet Cokes my ex always wanted chilled for a trip.

*By the way, the world traveler son says he really likes my purse. "It's so Italian, Mom," he says. And it doesn't have enough room for the wet wipes!

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