I Like Skype

Calling people on Skype is totally free to landlines and mobile phones within the US and Canada until the end of the year. I like Skype (and I'm old enough to remember Irving Berlin's "They Like Ike" song from "Call Me Madam"). I like putting on my groovy headset to make a call. I can pretend to be my grandma working at the Pierce Telephone Co., or Britney Spears, or Lily Tomlin.

...But there's Ike
And Ike is good on a mike
And they know
The votes that he can carry-
But don't forget there's Harry
But they like Ike

[2nd verse:]
They won't take Saltonstall and Stassen's chance is smal
lThe same would go for Vandenberg and Taft
And Dewey's right in line with William Jennings Bryan
There isn't anyone that they can draft

[2nd refrain:]
They like Ike
And Ike is good on a mike
They like Ike-
But Ike says he won't take it
That makes Ike
The kind o' feller they like
And what's more
They seem to think he'll make it

Alas, I am old enough to know about Harold Stassen and William Jennings Bryan. I can't really picture either of them using Skype, though.

Ethel Merman and Irving Berlin had exclusive contracts with different record companies, so Call Me Madam had two cast albums – Merman on Decca, and the rest of of the cast with Dinah Shore on RCA. We had both.

Give Skype a try. It's easy, and my son says I hate technology.

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