The final Frontier

No, it's not outer space, or even the depths of the ocean. The final Frontier is the last meal of the college year at the legendary Albuquerque restaurant on old Route 66 across the street from the University of New Mexico. After loading the van with the dorm room contents, we chose to boldly go where the Lobos go. My son had just realized that his exchange semester in Massachusetts will be in a galaxy far, far away, without Hatch green chiles at every meal.

The departing Lobo made sure we were introduced to Frontier Restaurant's fresh squeezed orange juice, which is truly the nectar of the gods. One glass and you will wish you could just sit in the Frontier drinking OJ for the rest of the day. We tried the breakfast burrito, the Western hashbrowns, tasted the green chile stew, and the famous Frontier cinnamon roll. We watched our tortillas being made in the semi-automatic tortilla oven. Roadfood.com reviewer Michael Stern writes, "Breakfast at The Frontier in Albuquerque is a gas, especially if you haven't been to bed the night before. Located on old Route 66 across from the University of New Mexico, this landmark eatery has been open round the clock for forty years..." I'm sorry I wasted so much of the last forty years not being there!

To aid the Lobo during this difficult Dallas reentry period, I'm trying to brew up a passable version of Frontier's green chile stew. The Lobo says it needs more chiles and fewer potatoes. I'll keep trying. And being a sympathetic mom, I'll probably mail an emergency green chile supply to Massachusetts.

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