Climate Readjustment Issues

"It's ten p.m. Why is it soooo HOT!?," asks the returned Lobo while unloading the van. "What's up with all these mosquitoes?"

Welcome back to Plano, O ye sunshine-spoiled boy. Your reentry into the swampy humidity of the DFW metroplex was at 81 degrees with 61% humidity. At ten p.m. the night before we were sitting on the patio of the Outback Restaurant on I25 and Jefferson in Albuquerque where it was 79 degrees with only 9% humidity.

We asked the Lobo if the weather in Albuquerque is always so perfect. The Lobo son explained that it is only perfect from late August to Thanksgiving, and from early February through May (he hasn't been there in the summertime). In December and January it gets a little chilly. The sky is always blue. There are no mosquitoes, so it is fun to be outside. If it rains it's a fluke, and doesn't last five minutes. If it snows, the flakes evaporate before they hit the ground. Nearly every night of the school year he could sleep with the window open under his heavy blanket.

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