That little taste of home

Texas will never be Nebraska no matter how hard it tries. True, Texas doesn't seem to be working very diligently toward that esteemable goal. Texas wastes a heckuva lot of time in fruitless debates about funding public schools, and wastes a lot of energy on trying to win a site for the Dubya Presidential Liebury of Nucular Fiction. I believe all this waste stems from a lack of time spent trying not to freeze one's petootie onto metal playground equipment during the winters of one's formative years. Freezing your petootie onto the jungle gym and wiping your snivelling nose with your ice-encrusted mitten have a way of shaping your resolve, clarifying your values, and focusing your efforts to achieve your goals.

Texas just plain needs more Culver's restaurants. We made a special trip to McKinney yesterday to enjoy a lunch at that rare Texas Culver's. We also checked out the experimental "green" environment-friendly WalMart with its xeriscape and wind turbine. A WalMart is still a WalMart, but a Culver's is a cut above!

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Genevieve said...

You must be from Nebraska. :D I am, also.


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