Religion on the field and in the school

My students were discussing religion during art class, which isn't surprising on Maundy Thursday and Passover. It was the turns the discussion took that were surprising. Two girls were chatting:

1st girl "What school do you go to?"
2nd girl "________ Episcopal School."
1st girl "________, a basketball school?," with a mixture of surprise and envy.

(If you are having trouble understanding the conversation, start over and read it aloud.)

2nd girl "Yes, ________ Episcopal."
1st girl "What letter does it start with?," as she begins drawing her version of a school crest for the 2nd girl.

(Things go straight to "Who's on first?" from there.)

1st girl writes "___ A B S" for the school letters on the crest.
2nd girl "It's ___ E S."
I add to the confusion by spelling E-P-I-S-C-O-P-A-L aloud.

Frustrated, but ready to draw the mascot for "_____, A Basketball School" on the crest, first girl asks "What animal does your school team worship? Because my team worships horses."

2nd girl "My team worships panthers."

3rd child "My soccer team worships sharks, except we are forsworn against false idols."

I add "I think it is time to clean up now!"

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