No use crying ...

...because I'm over it now. Thursday afternoon's word, I'm sorry to report, was sour milk. After hearing it used a couple hundred times in the space of an hour, everyone but the user was mightily sick of sour milk. We were all beginning to make faces that must have resembled the one the student's mother made when she found sour milk in her refrigerator.

In the second hour of class we had a new diversion. Mr. Sour Milk announced he had learned a "new not good word" at school, and he would be happy to whisper it to the other art students. The others were indeed interested, but I did not allow this transfer of strategic information. He wanted to give hints to the other kids, so he told them the not good word was an "onomatopoeia"! I have to love the dichotomy of the first grader who gets all excited about a new potty word, but who can use "onomatopoeia" in an off-hand and correct manner.

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