Hank Williams: Lost Highway

WHEN you go to the Dallas Theater Center's production of "Hank Williams: Lost Highway"--and you WILL go because the CollageMama told you to whether you like country music or not--be sure to look at the art in the Kalita Humphreys' lobby. The display of works from Ellen Frances Tuchman's Matchbook series are tiny, yet appropriate complements for the play. The pieces are vintage matchbook covers centered over beaded and painted grid surfaces of vellum. Matchbooks from the road certainly fit a play about Hank's band on tour in the early Fifties. The beaded surfaces hint of the rhinestone cowboy costumes of the Grand Ole Opry.

Hank Williams, Sr., is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so don't you be whining about country music. His songs are roots of rock music, and they are so admirably performed in the DTC show it's easy to forget you aren't really hearing Hank himself.

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