The Green Bathrobe

There was a brief and shining moment when I felt like a princess. It was the minute when I unwrapped a gift and found a light green bathrobe of a soft, quilted fabric. I remember few details of the moment, but the color is imprinted in my consciousness as the transcending healing hue, more spring than mint.

Was I eight, nine, or maybe ten? Who gave me the gift? I don't know. What triggered my extremely positive reaction to the green bathrobe? Not a clue. Why, forty-plus years later do I send "good vibes" to a friend undergoing chemotherapy in exactly this shade of mental green?

Still choosing princess green clothes. It is a good color to waltz about in the spring. Princess Lettuce. Princess Asparagus. Princess Fern. Princess Pistachio Ice Cream. Young pouty lizard princes in silver-green ceremonial armor. Glass slippers, lime Jello, and grasshoppers.

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