Elevator to the Gallows

When I drive the Buick up the North Central Expressway, after an evening at the Dallas Angelika Film Center, the Cosmic Cinematographer is not inspired. I imagine the Cosmic Cinematographer tinkering with the scene, the lighting, the atmospheric conditions, but still being dissatisfied. The technicolor film is tossed out in favor of black and white, and a light rain shower with some lightning is ordered . The dramatic High Five interchange loops and arcs overhead, but the '96 Skylark just won't work in this motion picture, no matter if I put improvised Miles or Coltrane in the cd player.

I bet no Buick Skylark has ever had a role in a feature motion picture. Not sure how to research this notion, and wonder if anyone know a good source for identifying the automobiles in movies.

Went to see "Elevator To the Gallows" at the Angelika this weekend with guy friends. Over coffee afterward we discussed the vehicles as much as the story and the 1957 film's powerful visual effects. I thought it would be easy to drive home in the Buick, do a bit of Googling, and find out about the cars in Louis Malle's first feature film. Alas, http://www.imbd.com/ doesn't list the cars with the stars. Shouldn't the credits read

Directed by Louis Malle; written by Noel Calef; starring Jeanne Moreau, a 1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe Styleline Convertible AND a 1956 silver Mercedes 300SL Gullwing?

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