Affordable Housing

Spent the evening out there on the lunatic fringe at the condo homeowner association annual budget meeting. It was pretty civilized as these meetings go. Nobody's head spun around. No one channeled an ancient Mayan priest at a sacrificial rite. The board president managed to maintain order and limit the amount of time wasted by the usual suspects/repeat offenders.

I was able to ascertain that the management company is unlikely to have my son's car towed in the remaining two weeks of his study in Italy. I've tried to keep the Intrepid dusted and bird poop free. (Swiffer Dry and Swiffer Wet!) I've done my best to distract the neighbors from the oil spot under the immovable object Dodge by telling them amusing anecdotes about the life of a poor, yet devastatingly handsome and aw-shucks wholesome, college student overseas--hostels, backpacks, nights sleeping on the floor of trains, riding scooters all over Barcelona. Their patience is wearing thin, though.

It will be terrific to see my son again after two semesters. It will be great to see him get the darn Intrepid started, washed, waxed, licensed, insured, and moved.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the National Building Museum's traveling exhibition, "Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset" at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary in May. Some of the country's most gifted architects are focusing their visions and energy on designing attractive, efficient homes for low-income families in both urban and rural settings. Open until June 30th 2006. The MAC.

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