Swiffer cult update

Just over a year ago this blog correspondent went under cover, DEEP under a cover of dust and grime, to report to you about the cult of Swiffervangelism that had sucked my sister into its clutches. I am just back from Nebraska with an update on the growing influence of the cult. Dan Rather is my inspiration, as I would rather blog than actually use my new Swiffer Duster with extendable handle. It looks so pristene straight out of the box!

My real sister, Sister Mary Swifferetta, has brought my dad along into the Swiffer lifestyle. He's got cleaning gizmos for the toilet, and for the bath and shower. He's got the duster, and I have to admit the Swiffer Duster does some serious dusting without stirring up particulate matter.

Just as a test, not as a rabid new convert or anything like that, I got a Swiffer Duster with extendable handle for the condo. It is out of the box, and I have watched the online demo "Fluff your Duster like its never been fluffed". This demo should be sung by Isaac Hayes now that he's off "South Park". It's a little bit "Shaft" and a little bit "Ghostbusters".

I'll offer more details once I have actually participated in some Swiffer Duster frenzy accompanied by Stravinsky!

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