Degauss, De Goss, degreased, and out of Degas

How long have I been sitting here staring at the DEGAUSS FUNC. RECALL^ on the computer monitor? In my funk I can't recall. It could have been the whole dark, rainy weekend. I don't have the faintest idea what Degauss means, or how it might function if I got up my nerve to push one of the buttons.

While I was in Lincoln I did a major degrease recall func^ on the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room with Mr. Clean. And boy, that bald guy can dance.

My dad's house is in better shape than my crazy condo. Back home in Plano I was inspired to do a refrigerator Degross Skunc recall^ before I bought groceries and the rains began.

It's possible the young man in this photo is my great grandfather, Paul Goss. I drove through Auburn, Nebraska on Thursday. Something twinged in the lost junior high locker combination Goss recall^ func of my memory. Paul's father, Albert Goss, was a photographer in Auburn.

I'm not older than dirt, but I am older than Etch-a-Sketch. True, if you shake me a bit I tend to erase! Etch-a-Sketch is a mere forty-six years old.

One entry found for degauss:

Main Entry: Pronunciation: (")dE-'gausFunction: transitive verbEtymology: de- + gauss, after Karl F. Gauss: to remove or neutralize the magnetic field of - de·gauss·er noun

Ever wonder what that "degauss" button on your monitor does besides make a buzzing noise and cause the screen to go crazy for a second? Though that's its main purpose, the degauss button has another useful feature. To understand it, you'll first need to know that the earth has natural magnetic fields. The magnetic charges from these fields can build up inside your monitor, causing a loss of color accuracy. Degaussing scares the bad magnetism out of the monitor and fills it with ...

To scare bad magnetism, it is useful to know the dance moves for the Funky Chicken.

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