Taking the stage

Maybe it Abe Lincoln's birthday that started it, or maybe it was Olivia the pig, but theater boxes were on my mind. What if... what if? Could we add french fry box seating to our theaters? If you were performing, wouldn't you want your friends sitting in the boxes? What if your best friends were french fries, crinkle fries, or curly fries?

When I was just a wee wisp of a child, in 1959, Hanna-Barbera introduced Snaggletooth, a melodramatic mountain lion, to the cartoon cast of The Quick Draw McGraw Show. Snaggletooth often said, "Exit stage right," when he got in a predicament. In 1959 I didn't know my right from my left. I still don't when I hear the words, "stage right" or "stage left". I am directionally-challenged, which is why I can't use a curling iron while looking in a mirror to save my life!

Snaggletooth evolved into Snagglepuss, but I still get mixed up with stage directions. I want to exit to my cave. Snaggletooth was also fond of saying, "Heavens to Murgatroyd!"

Bonus questions:

1. What year was Pure Prairie League's two-record LP, "Live! Takin' the Stage," album released?

2. What blogger imitated Quick Draw McGraw's alter ego, El-Kabong, and bashed her little brother over the head with his brand new plastic toy guitar on Christmas Day 1961?

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