Mainly on the plain

One son is in Spain this week, visiting the Alhambra in Granada. Another son once programmed our computer to play the audio of Monty Python's classic Spanish Inquisition skit whenever it booted up. This was an improvement over when the computer played "Boomer Sooner" on start-up.

Thirty years ago we had college parties when Monty Python's Flying Circus invaded America on PBS. I wasn't into Monty Python all that much until my kids went crazy about it. They would do all the characters and accents around the dinner table. When the guys were watching the show, I was usually cooking, doing some homemaker task, or sitting working on papier mache projects. I have heard lots more of it than I've ever actually seen. That's why I'm enjoying Monty Python's Personal Best on KERA. This week's installment included the Dead Parrot Sketch and the Ministry of Silly Walks. One thing hasn't changed with time. I still seem to be cooking and doing laundry during the show.

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