Evening with a Yink

Seussian evening in the Dallas Arts District tonight with a bit of Mayan art, the Dallas Museum of Art's Thursday Jazz in the Atrium, and the Nasher Sculpture Center's Third Thursday program, this time in conjunction with the Dallas Opera. Good golly! That's an all-you-can-handle buffet of culture with free parking.

The Nasher's signature color is Green/Eggs/Ham green. Sitting on the green chairs that match the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bandaid over my hot glue gun burn, with my purple thumb from a week of art projects with stamp pads, I listened to the iconic British textile designer, Zandra Rhodes, and Dallas Opera's maestro Graeme Jenkins discuss the process of costume design for opera. Several folks in the audience were dressed head to toe in Nasher green, while others showed off jingling and clanging fashion accessories made of antlers and mirrors.

Zandra Rhodes designed costumes for the San Diego Opera's 2001 production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute". The Dallas Opera's "Magic Flute" opens Friday night with those costumes. Rhodes has designed royal looks of both Princess Di and Queen's Freddie Mercury. Rhodes' Yinkian pink hair and Louise Nevelson-style heavy eye makeup are her trademark looks. She talked about those looks as a costume she wears, an easily recognizable caricature of herself that she can "be inside". Interesting to ponder if the rest of us are wearing caricature costumes of ourselves...

Ms. Rhodes let us in on a secret of forming the fabric feathers, scales, and petals for "Magic Flute"--weed whacker line! In Nasher green?

This one,
I think,
is called
a Yink.

He likes to wink,
he likes to drink.

He likes to drink, and drink, and drink.
The thing he likes to drink
is ink.
The ink he likes to drink is pink.
He likes to wink and drink pink ink.

if you have a lot of ink,
then you should get
a Yink, I think.

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