Triankles and Awfulgons

Shapes and cut-outs were the class subjects this week. We were looking at Lois Ehlert's brightly-colored book, Color Zoo, with it's layered cut-outs to inspire our creations. Things were going great with circles and squares. When the preschool students started talking about "triankles and awfulgons," I got the flying monkey heebie-jeebies.

Remember when the witch was squashed under the house, and only her striped-socked ankles stuck out? I get this "triankle" mental image of striped socks steam-rollered into perfect triangles.

There's no place like home. If you Google "wicked witch dead", you get a photo of Dick Cheney. Makes sense. Even if you happen to be in Kansas, Dick is one of the reasons I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. It's time to pay more attention to the man behind the curtain! Let's get this awfulgon and his flying monkey henchmen, too, Toto.

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