Tomato basil big box

My Micro Center has been painted the color of La Madeleine's tomato basil soup. It's not really mine, but I drive past it several times a week. It's part of a trend to paint the exteriors of big box stores and strip malls in food colors of salmon, pimento, fruit Smoothies, and the perfect match for Tabasco Sauce on the rice in a Chipotle burrito bol. I'm ready for lunch before I even start my workday.

Is this part of the Santa Fe-cation of America? Or is it something more sinister? Is it a plot to make Texas drivers even fatter so they need those big seats in Detroit's monstrous SUVs that require all that polar bear/caribou oil drilling?

Which reminds me of a gourmet recipe I learned forty years ago from my Camp Fire Girl friend, Janice. I was totally impressed by her salad dressing cooking ability. I've lost the recipe card I wrote out in ten-year-old's cursive, but it's easy to find on the web!

"French Dressing"

1 can (10 3/4 oz) Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup
1/2 c Salad oil
1/4 c Vinegar
1/2 tsp Dry mustard

In covered jar or shaker combine ingredients; shake well before using.

This recipe appeared on Campbell's Tomato Soup cans back before World War II. That makes it older than green bean casseroles, Janice, and I. The recipe doesn't have the conversion amounts for enough gallons to paint a computer superstore, but your brushes clean up in soap and water.

My dad's tool pegboard.

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