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Saw this velvet shawl in a little shop, and it seemed to know I'd been in Nebraska recently. The sale tag said I could have it and not feel guilty.

The jewel-like blues and golds immediately brought Lincoln's First Plymouth Church and Sunken Garden to mind. The purple and red recalled Omaha's art deco Joslyn Art Museum, and the lovely afternoon spent there with my dad.

The shawl shimmered with the color of the Joslyn's Georgia pink marble. The original building was built in 1931. Foster and Partners designed the 1994 addition, and I was pleased with the way the two sections worked together. Foster and Partners designed the Witherspoon Opera House being built in the Dallas performing arts district.

The shawl's colors reminded me of the large sculptures by Dale Chihuly on display at either end of the Joslyn atrium. Dad and I had lunch in the atrium cafe under "Glowing Gemstone Polyvitro Chandelier," the Chihuly sculpture of blown plastic recently given by Suzanne and Walter Scott.

It would have been fun to share my bargain find with Mom. Her arrangement of thread spools shows her love of color and order.

This photo is a small section of the new pavillion dome at the Lincoln Sunken Garden. The garden was constructed during the Depression, and is listed as one of the “300 Best Gardens to Visit in the U.S. and Canada” in the National Geographic Guide to American’s Public Gardens. I was thrilled to see that recent renovations has not changed the feel of the garden.

The dome itself is truly of this time. It is constructed out of powder coated steel. Each of the 128 panels is custom designed and laser cut here in Lincoln. The images range from local architectural landmarks like First Plymouth and the Capitol building to a rising and setting sun, geese flying south and a crop duster. --Architect Jeff Chadwick

I will wear my new shawl to the opera next week. It's a very fine souvenir for a wonderful Nebraska visit.

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