Running for whom?

I love that the New York Times had a big story about race chip technology the morning after I volunteered distributing and retrieving chips at The Half marathon. I mailed the story off to my dad, and he will understand what I was doing. I told him the chips look a lot like the adapter inserts we used to place in the centers of our 45 rpm records to play them on the LP spindle of the hi-fi.

Got a kick out of honoring my preschooler mommy who completed The Half. I told everybody in advance, so when the mommy arrived we treated her like a conquering hero, which she is. I wore my volunteer race shirt* because I knew my little student would be able to sort it all out that I was the crazy lady he talked to at the race. He is very little. He and his sister joined their mommy to run across the finish line. It's so confusing to preschoolers when teachers escape the classroom! Plus, I had my new, "goofy hair", and I was untying his mommy's shoe instead of tying his!

*What a comfortable shirt. I love it. It even makes me consider taking up running again.

As I was struggling untying the knots for another young woman sitting in the folding chair, she suddenly looked down on me and pronounced, "I know you. Who are you?" I didn't recognize her, but we sorted it out. I taught her daughters last year.

I'm really impressed that so many little mommies completed The Half. That's 13.1 miles!

I ran during 1975-1995, but never made it beyond a 10K. There were intervals when I switched to other work-outs. When I was expecting Jeff I was into Nautilus machines. Expecting Mike, it was the six a.m. lap swim at the Maple St. YMCA. I laugh to remember, but I was played coed volleyball when I was pregnant with Steven. Not a pretty visual!

I hope all the little mommies are running for themselves, and not to appease (or run from) a spouse. We each need to choose our own challenges and goals. The people who really love us will support our efforts toward those goals. The people who really care will honor us when we achieve our goals, even if they don't understand them..

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