V is for Chameleon...

"...because a chameleon seems to vanish."

Q is For Duck: An Alphabet Guessing Game, is the book of the week. I'm intrigued observing which kids catch on to the puzzle of the book. When they get it, the kids are so excited. One four year-old boy tells me when chameleons change color it's called "Camelotch"!

My gosh! He's absolutely right. I want to burst into song:

In Camelot.
Camelot! Camelot!
I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But in Camelot,
Camelot! That's how conditions are.

Camelotch! What a perfect word to describe boys. My kids were addicted to camouflage from age three to seven. These were the little boys who used magnolia seed pods for hand grenades. They also carried shields and swords to battle dragons invading the fenced front patio that we called Camelot. They were partial to gleaming armor, but they called their GI Joe outfits "flage".

"Flage" sounds bad, like a mucus-producing bacterial infection. Besides the familiar pattern on the fabric, "flage" is distinguished by a surplus of pockets to hold Kleenex.

"Flage" wearers know what they like when it comes to birthday cake decoration.

The Online Etymology Dictionary guides me through my most elusive spelling word, camouflage:
1917, from Fr. camoufler, Parisian slang, "to disguise," from It. camuffare "to disguise," probably alt. by Fr. camouflet "puff of smoke," on the notion of "blow smoke in someone's face." The British navy in World War I called it dazzle-painting.

Little guys will always make me laugh. They gotta play hurt wearing their glow-in-the-dark dinosaur shirts, football helmets, and "flage".

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