Powerwash Interrupts Whitewash

I is for mosquito in Q is for Duck because mosquito bites itch. I woke up with an itchy trigger finger, anxious to start spraypainting the elementary art students' Louise Nevelson sculptures all white. I couldn't wait to see the transformation from carefully arranged interesting junk glued into a shallow box to striking, white architectural cabinets of shadowy shapes and forms.

There was a big roadblock in the way. Couldn't take the sculptures out to the patio until I folded five loads of laundry in front of the patio door! And I needed to disperse the recycling carts to the various corners of the condo complex. On such a beautiful morning, rolling the carts was a pleasant way to get my walking done.

Whoa. The painters had started powerwashing the buildings. This project of replacing siding and painting three buildings has dragged on for two months, so it was easy to forget about the possibility of powerwashing. I moved the Buick out of the carport so the powerwashing wouldn't take the paint right off of it! I roused another neighbor and we moved all the large potted plants and plant shelf, wreath, mat, and delivered package off the front porch of a neighbor on a business trip so the workers could get to the siding.

The title of this post sounds political in a week that has been called Bush's worst of his presidency. If you don't replace the rotten siding, it's not going to look any better with fresh paint!

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