Okra of Liberty

I'm trying to think up an art project for preschoolers using dried okra pods. Never thought that would be one of my career challenges.

More accurately, I'm letting the question of an art project with okra pods simmer in my mental crockpot. Okra doesn't knock my creative socks off like gourds. I will need to rig up a clear channel to the Earth Mother ship to receive this inspiration.

Okra gives me the creeps. We all have our food hang-ups, I guess, but the stuff is just too slimy and Southern. My students grew the okra in their school garden, but nobody wants to eat it. That's understandable, and a sign of the students' high intelligence and good decision-making skills!

The dried okra pods have some potential as butterfly bodies, angels, or lizards. The weird part is I dreamed I was the Statue of Liberty, and my crown was made out of okra!

Give me your tired, your poor, your okra, your gourds, your squash even;

I lift my lamp beside the golden door! I yam what I yam!


Beerli said...

I had an art teacher friend who used to get her kids eat some of an apple and then they used to let them dry and they were turned into witches and uglies! They looked astounding. From what I can see of the dried okra I can see witch shapes and Hallowe'en is on its way. They could also make pixies and goblins. Well, that's my best effort!! Love your statue of liberty!:)

Caulkqueen said...
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Caulkqueen said...

Did you know that fresh okra will stick to your forehead when you cut the end off? I am now picturing a room full of preschoolers with okra rhino horns on their heads...


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