Sci-fi Day

Sci-fi guys will be guys. The preschool boys got into a typical guy activity [as applied to movie tie-in action figures]--"My Yoda is bigger than your Yoda."

As Mae West might have said, "Is that a light saber, or are you glad to see me?" There's no record of Mae West ever appearing on "My Favorite Martian" with Ray Walston, but she did make a guest appearance on "Mister Ed" ("Mae West Meets Mister Ed" Episode: #4.21 - 22 March 1964).

When the students were arriving for the four o'clock class, they were discussing where I might have "learned art". One kindergarten girl offered the theory that I learned it "on the Planet Ars". She laughed hysterically, and I really wished I had Ray Walston's antennae.

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