My grilled cheese never looks like the Virgin Mary

Sigh. I was hoping that when the shower wall dried out after the tiles fell off, there would be a clear image of a major saint so I could sell my condo to a Vegas casino on eBay. Now I will have to repair the shower so my dad can come for a visit, and a son or two can come home for Thanksgiving.

The tiles started falling off the wall just before my youngest took off for college in Albuquerque, and my middle son headed off for his junior year in Italy. Some of the tiles broke when they fell into the bathtub. We couldn't deal with it right then. More tiles fell off later.

There's a window in the shower, so I can't put in a handy dandy Home Depot "tub surround". The tiles have to be replaced.

My condo building will have some siding replaced next week. The notice I received informed me that I should remove "valuable wall hangings due to possible vibration of the walls". Will more tiles fall down?

The wall is not a hidden pirate treasure map or guide to Atlantis, either.

This is the bathroom in the Italy dorm. It looks pretty good by comparison. My son knew enquiring mamas want to know.

If you look up a definition of hubris, you'll see it means overbearing pride or presumption. I'm presumpting that I can replace the tile all by myself. Sure, I don't have all the tiles to fill the space, since some broke. Sure, I don't know what I'm doing. But I do have three boxes of ceramic tile samples that date back forty years or more. I want to make a mosaic!

A coworker suggested that I have a postage stamp fetish. That sounds more kinky than she means, as I don't lick & stick! I just like stamps and squares, and arranging them. I've liked tiles and paint samples since I could barely talk. It's time to create. And the Lord said, "Let there be grout." Aesop said, "Pride goeth before the caulk."

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