It finally rained in Dallas on Thursday after a long dry spell. This was the first rain since Katrina. My students, age 5-8, looked out the window saying it was flooding and we might have to be rescued. Did my best to reassure them, but I have to write a new lesson plan for this week. Big rain storms are not a good topic at the moment!

I'd planned to use Joyce Rossi's book, The Gullywasher, as an introduction to watercolors. The illustrations in the book are lovely and after-rain fresh. The story of the elderly vaquero and his granddaughter is very cute. It's a cowboy tall tale about how getting caught out in a giant rain storm is the cause of old people's wrinkles. Grown-ups get fat because they eat corn and hot chile peppers at the same time. The heat from the peppers makes the corn pop in our stomachs, which get larger and larger. If we take a siesta outside the hummingbirds will pluck out each dark hair on our heads for their nest, causing old folks to have gray or white hair. It explains so much!

I must have taken a long nap on the patio! Might need to stop eating the chile peppers, too.

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