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I went to the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival performance this evening. Ticket sales haven't been real good, apparently. There were a lot of vacant seats. I had an aisle seat, so I didn't move forward. I am always grateful for extra leg room. Sitting up all prim and proper and cramped makes me crazy. A boorish tourist couple was sitting next to me. The man was chewing a toothpick, for crying out loud. I was probably one of the youngest people in attendance. The Lensic Performing Arts Hall reminded me of the Stuart Theater in Lincoln where the touring Broadway shows like "The Sound of Music" and symphony concerts were held before it got turned into a movie theater. Stencilled gold decorations, ornate light fixtures, boxes for the King and President Lincoln...Can you say "loge", boys and girls? The Lensic was not as groovy as the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, which was more of a gilded opera house. I got to see Jean-Luc Ponty and Alvin Ailey there. Sorry, I digressed. The trio came on stage for the Beethoven Trio in E-flat Major for Violin, Viola & Cello, Op. 3 (before 1794). The trio consisted of two old guys in white dinner jackets, and Amanda Forsyth, cello. Amanda is totally tan, blond, wearing a low-cut white top with spaghetti straps, tight white pants, a chiffon sarong around her skinny hips, and Cinderella sparkly glass high-heeled sandals. I thought the guy next to me would swallow his toothpick. It was like half the audience had the air knocked out of them, and then collectively went, oooophf! They were extremely grateful and appreciative when she bowed.

After intermission, a new ensemble came on stage, but Amanda was back, positioned in the center. By the end of the Septet in E-flat Major for Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass, Op. 20 (1799-1800) the geezers were ready to jump to their feet and give a standing O, with special bravos and wolf whistles for the cellist. This woman could really boost Viagra sales. Forget Bob Dole.

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Collagemama said...

Just an update. Amanda is now Mrs. Pinchas Zukerman. I failed to mention at the time that Mr. Pinchas Zukerman was performing in the concert. He has great hair for a musician, but I wouldn't swallow a toothpick over him!


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