Mental vacation

How strange. I feel remarkably refreshed and relaxed. What have I been doing on my vacation? Helping a friend create a new blog! You didn't actually think I was lounging on a beach on some island paradise drinking beverages with miniature umbrellas, did you? I did get to practice my foreign language, though--an elementary form of html.

Now, I took those four years of Spanish. I can still count to twenty and ask directions to the potty. I can still tell "Miguel" that I don't like vegetables at all, should that ever be an issue. But the power, the choices, the beauty of a blog vacation are hard to match.

Years ago I read a book called Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced "sticks in my eye"). To the best of my recollection, a flow experience occurs when one's challenge and one's ability are closely matched, thereby creating a situation requiring focus, but also giving pleasure.

Creating this new blog required intense concentration, but I also got to use the many new skills I have gained in my year of self-taught blogging. I still feel like a secret agent when I change the html codes in a template. I love clicking "preview" to see where I sent that photo of Granny this time.

Someday soon I will be able to reveal the secret map to the new blog. Right now it is a surprise party waiting to happen. Put on your party hat, and hide behind the sofa.

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