Five weeks down, five to go on summer camps. Today we had our Castle Faire, an annual event during Knight's Quest camp. We turn the theatre into a medieval faire with booths selling food, swords, horses, and jewelry for a few hours. There's a tent and crystal disco ball for the fortune-teller. The kids and staff all dress up in costumes. The king welcomes everyone to the faire. We let kids with July birthdays be the kings and queens. The oldest kids perform an improv drama. The middle kids dance. Everyone has play money to purchase things, and we all go around bowing to each other. The little kids think the faire is the most fun since Halloween. We have bread and cheese, Pepperidge Farms Goldfish just caught fresh from the moat, dried fruits, and jerky. Everyone suspends disbelief for half an hour. Sometimes a kid goes crazy for prunes, and we have to warn his mom or nanny. Today I got to be a ragged lame hunchbacked beggar with lice, fleas, and rheumy eyes. I collected a lot of alms and a few rodents from the Pied Piper. It was a splendid faire!

Click on the link to Itty Bitty Art Projects to see how our crowns and castles are going.

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