Feel the burn

My kindergarten class taught me a new workout routine this week. The five and six year olds had completed all their camp projects, and were just ready to relax before the dress reheasal of their show. I got out the pony beads and 18" long Twisteez wires so they could string beads into royal jewels. I knotted one end so the beads would not come off as they were stringing. As almost every child neared completion of their string of beads, they dropped it. We had plastic pony beads rolling all over the floor of the art room. I even dropped one string myself while tying the ends together. Let me tell you, a forty-five minute session of picking up beads off the floor is quite a workout. Maybe not quite as strenuous as the Six Count Burpies we used to do in elementary phys ed. class, but I could feel the burn.

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